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Beat the Breast Cancer Odds

After spending a morning with Kristi Funk, MD, renowned board-certified breast surgeon, cofounder of the Pink Lotus Breast Center in Los Angeles, and the author of Breasts: The Owners Manual, something miraculous happened—I got genuinely excited about breast cancer prevention. Dr. Funk, whose
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The New Holiday Table

Whether you’re gearing up to host a crowd or planning an intimate family dinner, these healthy dishes put a new twist on those ho-hum holiday favorites (yes, we’re looking at you green bean casserole!). Bonus? Instead of pushing back from the table feeling stuffed and sleepy, these tasty
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Seize the Day!

Don’t let a seizure disorder keep you from living your best life Aristotle, Joan of Arc, Sir Isaac Newton, Teddy Roosevelt, Prince. What do these famous names have in common? They each suffered from epilepsy, the most common type of seizure disorder. While anyone can have an unexplained seizure once during their lifetime, two or more typically results in a diagnosis of epilepsy. Once misunderstood—and often mistreated by doctors, lay people, and even the law—modern science has made significant strides in reducing the cruel stigma attached to epilepsy thanks to a better understanding of seizure disorders, as well as new ways to manage the disease. Understanding Epilepsy Seizures can range in severity from a momentary hiccup in brain activity to full-blown loss of

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