A New Ginseng Revival

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Some herbs are so commonplace in our vocabulary that we often take their full potential for granted. Ginseng falls into this camp—but with added confusion because there are so many varieties available, including white and red ginseng, American ginseng, Japanese ginseng, and Chinese ginseng. Unlike the other forms of ginseng, both white and red ginseng are of the species Panax ginseng. White ginseng is harvested after six years, then washed and dried. Red ginseng is also grown for six years, but then washed, steamed, and dried. Ultimately it is the steaming process that produces the red ginseng. Because of the length of time it takes to grow ginseng, it is heavily sprayed with pesticides to reduce mold and toxins. There are many problems with domestically grown ginseng, and as a result, the herb has lost its status—especially in the U.S. In 2000, ginseng was the second most sold herb in America. Today, it’s the 50th most sold herb in America. These problems have led researchers on a quest to recover the true worth of red ginseng for today’s health conscious consumer.

The Rare, Noble Difference

Modern research has revealed the essence of red ginseng’s ability to affect multiple health conditions. The power comes from the ginsenosides residing in the plant’s root—specifically a sub-class of ginsenosides called rare or noble ginsenosides which are capable of producing the desired results of well-being and optimal health. Remaining true to sound environmental practices, researchers have discovered a new growing and processing method that has responsibly revived ginseng to its former potential and exceeded the vast array of benefits available from this ancient wonder.

A New Era of Red Ginseng

This new, safe, and effective method of growing and processing Korean red ginseng has preserved and even improved the power of the rare, noble ginsenosides within the herb while eliminating all of the negative aspects of traditional ginseng cultivation. In fact, this novel growing method eliminates the use of pesticides or other agricultural chemicals, resulting in an ultra-clean ginseng. Another plus? This new cultivation and processing method concentrates the noble ginsenosides and transforms them into more absorbable and bioavailable compounds that can survive the journey through the digestive tract. Because of this, the new process delivers 7 times more rare, noble ginsenosides, and is up to 17 times more absorbable, than conventional ginseng, restoring the botanical’s reputation to address a multitude of health problems.

More Energy, Better Health

One of the most well-known benefits of Korean red ginseng is better mental and physical energy. This new and improved form of ginseng has been shown to enhance not only mental focus and concentration, but it also improves physical stamina and endurance, even during times of stress.

The adaptogenic powers from this new red ginseng growing method also provide a timely weapon against numerous health issues like chronic inflammation, hardening of the arteries, multiple forms of dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease), diabetes, and cancer. This is accomplished in three ways:

  • The adaptogenic power to restore balance to a stressed system
  • Anti-inflammatory properties, which are helpful in reversing the underlying cause of many diseases
  • Acting as a strong antioxidant to neutralize disease-causing free radicals

There are over 4,000 studies on ginseng, and this includes a rapidly growing list of studies verifying the capability of this effective form of red ginseng to treat and prevent a long list of diseases, syndromes, and chronic disorders. Anyone dealing with fibromyalgia or an autoimmune disease will be encouraged by a Brazilian study of women diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The researchers found that those taking red ginseng were able to reduce their pain levels by 39.4 percent and their fatigue levels by 46.5 percent. After just six weeks, their lost energy was also restored without the side effects common to many pharmaceutical drugs.

A Bedroom Boost

Men’s sexual health can also benefit from the power of rare, noble ginsenosides. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common male reproductive disease in the United States, yet less than 25 percent of men seek treatment. Since prescriptions and hormone therapy are rife with side effects, a safe and effective herbal answer is needed. Because ginsenosides protect against oxidative stress, they work to overcome any oxidative damage in the blood vessels and penile tissue to restore normal function.

When seeking a natural ED product, choose one with this newly cultivated form of red ginseng. Along with reducing oxidative stress, it also provides the rare, noble ginsenosides needed to boost blood flow through the production of nitric oxide. One study of Korean red ginseng that was combined with apple polyphenols, flavonoids from grape seed, and saffron extract showed impressive results in men ages 45 to 65. Those taking the botanical blend had a 72 percent improvement of their International Index of Erectile Function score, a recognized test for men’s sexual performance ability. More than 70 percent of those tested reported a dramatic difference. But be aware that, unlike “herbal Viagra” products that promise instant results but rarely deliver, taking this new form of red ginseng has been clinically shown to provide sustainable results when taken consistently over time.

Want even more good news? Korean red ginseng isn’t just for men! Studies have found that the herb also improves energy, libido, mental well-being, menopausal symptoms, and other aspects of a woman’s health—all without a negative impact on hormonal balance.

We are experiencing a welcome revival of an often undervalued botanical. Korean red ginseng can once again be relied upon as an effective adaptogen for both men and women. With limitless possibilities to enhance your health and the quality of your life, this pesticide-free, clinically effective form of Korean red ginseng is a clear solution whose time has come.

The New Ginseng

To guarantee you’re getting the most potent form of the herb, look for a formulation that contains HRG80 Red Ginseng. This is your assurance that you’re getting concentrated, rare, noble ginsenocides that are both ultra-clean and bioavailable. Whole root, full-spectrum, solvent-free HRG80 provides a revolutionary solution to the great need for safe, effective red ginseng.


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