A Surprising Way to Manage Anxiety

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Anxiety is a crippling problem in our society. In the United States, approximately 42.5 million people aged 18 and older report that they experience some degree of anxiety each year. In fact, worry, doubt, and nervousness are at the top of the list when it comes to health complaints for Americans. Are you one of the many struggling with anxiety?

Short-term anxiety symptoms may include an increased heart rate and rapid breathing, and even light-headedness and nausea. Sleep becomes difficult, and you may experience an upset stomach and muscle tension. Some degree of these symptoms is normal, as anxious feelings are part of daily life. But when anxiety becomes chronic, the physical and mental stress it causes can wreak havoc on overall health, including the cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, immune, and nervous systems.

If you find yourself suffering from anxiety, take heart. You aren’t alone. Between conventional and natural treatment options, a variety of solutions exist to help you feel like yourself again.

The most popular treatment options for anxiety include therapy and prescription medications. For some people, these options are extremely successful, but for others, they aren’t viable. Some people don’t like the side effects they experience with prescription drugs. And some can also become resistant to the drugs’ effects over time. For people who struggle with anxiety, it’s good to know there are also alternative options that may be the safe, effective solution they need.

A Natural Solution

Research has proven that botanicals from nature can increase feelings of calmness and relaxation and even ease the symptoms of stress and anxiety. One of those botanicals is a form of a common, well-known herb called Echinacea angustifolia.

This may surprise you, but all botanicals contain multiple compounds that affect a variety of indications and health conditions. This is true for Echinacea angustifolia. Traditionally, echinacea is well known for its ability to support immune health and to fight cold and flu viruses, based on its level of compounds called polysaccharides. But additional compounds in echinacea, known as alkamides, have been shown to have a totally different set of benefits. These alkamides can stop anxiety symptoms, quickly and safely.

Alkamides are powerful plant compounds that attach to CB1 receptors in the brain to elicit feelings of calm and relaxation and to help people feel more focused and in control. The alkamides in EP107 also prevent an enzyme from degrading anandamide, one of the naturally occurring neurotransmitters in the brain that help people feel calm and at peace.

This incredible botanical has even been shown to mirror the symptom relief of prescription antianxiety medications, without the side effects. An initial scientific study found EP107 can match the prescription drug chlordiazepoxide (Librium) in anxiety-relieving success.

One of the best things about EP107 echinacea extract is that the results are fast-acting, which makes it a favorite solution for people suffering from acute stress and anxiety issues. For example, if a person is feeling anxious before giving a big speech or getting on a flight, EP107 can create a feeling of calm within 30 minutes. Those who suffer from long-term or chronic stress may need to take EP107 for a couple of weeks before experiencing benefits, though many people report feeling relief within days. In one published human clinical trial, EP107 was tested with individuals experiencing increased anxiety and tension. After just one day, the participants noticed a significant reduction in stress and anxiety, with an even greater reduction in just seven days.

EP107 shows amazing promise for helping individuals relieve common anxiety symptoms like excessive sweating, upset stomach, muscle tension, self-consciousness, and feelings of insecurity. Remarkably, it is also proven safe for anyone ages four and up for stress and anxiety relief.

The first thing anyone with anxiety should do is reach out to a trusted health professional. Every case is unique, and everyone deserves personalized care. Find a knowledgeable advisor you can trust with your health to explore your treatment options together.

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