Confused by Curcumin?

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If you’re hip to the natural health scene, you know that curcumin is a must-have for the prevention of nearly every health ailment under the sun—especially some of the big ones, like cancer and dementia. Many health advocates tout it as one of the greatest natural medicines available. But with close to 100 different curcumin products on the market, where do you begin when choosing the one that’s right for you?

Start with Turmerones

As amazing as curcumin is, the body’s ability to absorb it is actually quite poor, so finding a highly absorbable product is key. To keep things simple when reading curcumin labels, look for one particular ingredient that plays a major role in absorption: turmerones. Turmerones are a component of turmeric essential oil, obtained from the plant’s underground roots. They’re also the compounds responsible for transporting curcumin to your cells, as well as increasing your cells’ ability to absorb the curcumin. Without turmerones, curcumin will sail right through the body, leaving little to no health benefits in its wake.

A Gold Mine of Benefits

Not only are turmerones crucial for the transport and absorbability of curcumin, but they also offer quite a few health benefits of their own, similar to those of curcumin. Turmerones possess anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, and antitumor effects in the body. Inflammation is said to be the root of all disease, which means that the anti-inflammatory effects of turmerones may help the body fight a number of health issues. This has been shown in studies regarding breast cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and even epilepsy—just to name a few.

Amazing Disease-Prevention Power

Turmerones are a powerful ally when it comes to preventing some forms of cancer and halting tumor growth. This is partly because of their ability to trigger apoptosis in the body. Apoptosis is a normal function that controls programmed cell death and ensures that the body’s cells don’t multiply in an out of control manner. By maintaining healthy apoptosis in the body, turmerones play a role in protecting against the instigation or spread of a variety of cancers.

A study in Hong Kong found that turmerones have powerful anti-cancer effects on both liver and breast cancer cells. In fact, the concentrated turmerones evaluated in the study inhibited cell proliferation by a whopping 70 percent.

Preliminarily research also suggests that the combination of curcumin and turmerones may be incredibly effective for discouraging tumor growth. A Japanese lab study shows that, used separately, both curcumin and turmerones can stop the formation of colon tumors associated with inflammation. Low doses of turmerones suppressed benign tumors from multiplying by 73 percent, while low doses of curcumin did the same thing by 63 percent. Combining both curcumin and turmerones completely abolished tumor formation in study subjects!

Boosts Brain Health

Turmerones have also been studied for their ability to protect brain cells from the damaging inflammation that may lead to devastating diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Studies show that turmerones can suppress beta-amyloid, the protein responsible for the formation of plaques and tangles in the brain that interfere with neural connections. German research has also found that turmerones may even help regenerate brain cells. Not only is this information helpful in the treatment of neurological diseases, but it can also greatly influence recovery from spinal cord injuries and strokes.

Additional research suggests that, due to the neuroprotective and antioxidant activity of turmerones, they may also have a positive effect on those suffering from seizures and epilepsy. In a Belgian study, turmerones were found to act as an anticonvulsant without causing unwanted side effects on motor function. For those who haven’t responded well to conventional treatment for epilepsy, talk with your health care provider about giving turmerones a try.

Turmerones Found Here

Remember the bottom line when choosing a curcumin product: Without turmerones, your curcumin isn’t being properly delivered or absorbed to provide the amazing health benefits it’s capable of. One of the most effective curcumin formulas containing turmerones is sold under the name BCM-95. This proprietary blend has been the study of 30 groundbreaking studies for its health-enhancing abilities. Check curcumin supplement labels for BCM-95 and tap into the power of turmerones.


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