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Weighing the Benefits of Deep Pressure Stimulation

Who doesn’t find comfort snuggled up in a soft, cozy blanket from time to time? Touted to be beneficial for everything from anxiety to autism, weighted blankets have been used by mental health professionals for years for their perceived health benefits. By evenly distributing a comfortable amount of weight across the body, weighted blankets do more than just give people a sense of security. They apply deep pressure stimulation, or DPS, which is believed to trigger a parasympathetic reaction in the body, calming the fight-or-flight response, and supporting feelings of relaxation. Weighted blankets are also believed to be especially beneficial for adults and children who suffer from sensory processing disorder, insomnia, occasional anxiety, or stress. Sounds like a healthy way to unwind and relax!

Stay Healthy with Non-Toxic Soap

You’ve been reading food labels for years, trying to make the healthiest choices for you and your family members. But have you been paying attention to the things you put on your body, as much as the things you put in it? It’s especially important, nearly two years into the Covid-19 scene, to make sure your soap is as clean as you think it is. And that means avoiding toxic ingredients that may do more harm than good. Which ingredient should you specifically be on the lookout for? Triclosan. Research shows that this controversial substance is linked to liver toxicity, thyroid disruption, and may even be carcinogenic. The marketers of antibacterial products may be experts at convincing us that their products are best for fighting germs, but so far there’s no evidence to substantiate those claims. In fact, there are over 27 published studies proving that products containing triclosan are no more effective than plain old soap and water. Look for healthy plant-based, organic soap options with ingredients you recognize!

Self-Love for Autoimmune Disorders

Can love improve your autoimmune disease? Functional clinical nutritionist Jessica Flanigan thinks so. In The Loving Diet—Flanigan’s unique plan for people battling daily illness—she outlines how practicing gratitude and love, in addition to establishing a healthy diet and lifestyle protocol, can help you heal and find balance, despite your health obstacles. When you follow the Loving Diet, you don’t resist what is. You love what is, including the tough stuff that surrounds autoimmune issues like negative emotions, serious symptoms, or difficult circumstances. It’s about truly leaning into gratitude and appreciation, releasing the feelings of “victim mentality,” and ultimately shifting your daily focus to the love that surrounds you. If you’re tapped out on ideas on how to feel better with autoimmune issues, you might just find a place in your heart for this unprecedented protocol.

Hacking into a Healthier Metabolism

By now you know that managing your weight depends on multiple factors—and metabolism is a biggie! Enter CO2 metabolism monitors—some of the latest technological gadgets to support a healthy weight plan. CO2 metabolism monitors claim to help users lose weight by essentially reading their metabolism through their breath. The device monitors a user’s oxygen and carbon dioxide levels to estimate their 24-hour metabolism, or more specifically, when they’re burning fat. When you breathe into the device, it can tell you whether your body is running on energy from your fat stores, carbohydrates, or both. It then provides you with a recommended diet plan to ideally optimize your metabolism. The diet plan isn’t specific, but tells you if you should focus on a low-carb, medium-carb, or high-carb diet that day. This then empowers you to make decisions that will help your body metabolize foods more efficiently. Backed by scientists, healthcare professionals, and techies alike, these fancy new devices already have a cult following.

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