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Telemedicine Has a Bright Future

Many people wondered whether the telehealth trend would continue once the Covid-19 pandemic started to wane. The answer has been a resounding yes. The convenience of never having to leave home to see your doctor has made healthcare more available and affordable throughout the country. The ability to streamline the patient experience (no commuting or waiting in exam rooms) has proven to be both time-saving and cost-effective for patients and healthcare providers alike. Like anything worthwhile, telemedicine is now being researched for ways it can be both expanded and improved upon for an even better patient/doctor experience. Tech companies are focusing on software to continue enhancing the telemedicine experience while healthcare providers in various modalities are exploring the ways they can provide virtual care to their specific patient set. Telemedicine is here to stay. In fact, the telehealth market size is projected to reach nearly $600 billion by 2027. Hopefully it’s just the beginning of more positive healthcare trends to come!

Easier, Healthier Dinners at Home? We’re In!

Subscription-based meal services have never been more popular. But as Americans increasingly turn to healthy meal kits, some miss true home-cooked meals. Fortunately, “half-scratch” cooking options have become a way to add variety and creativity to meal kits while still helping subscribers reclaim extra hours in their days. With fresh, pre-portioned ingredients, easy-to-follow recipes, and a slew of choices for special dietary needs (like vegetarian, carb-conscious, keto, and the like), even the least experienced cook and the pickiest palates will find something to love. Not only are these meal kits convenient, but they can also cut down on food waste and remove the burden of meal planning. While it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the number of meal delivery services available, many offer inexpensive trial periods. If you’re experiencing cooking or meal planning burnout, sign up and see if meal kit delivery is right for you.

Sparkling Water Bubbles Over with Benefits

First heard in Japan during the early 1990s, the term “functional food” was used to describe foods with added health properties that would hopefully improve the well-being of the Japanese population. Defined as foods or food components that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition, examples of classic functional foods include oatmeal, which claims to help lower cholesterol levels, and milk, which is said to build strong bones. What’s now trending in the world of functional food? Sparkling water that touts extra health perks like cognitive, immune, energy, and stress-busting benefits. Backing these claims, sparkling waters include just about every trending natural ingredient—from turmeric to ashwagandha—making us feel like we’re getting even more health benefits while staying hydrated. Even though it’s easy to dismiss some functional foods as simply marketing fluff, sparkling water is being met with a very positive response. Boosted fizzy drinks make us feel like we’re treating ourselves while getting extra health benefits in the process. Hydrating is important, and now it’s even healthier—and more fun—too!

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