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Toilets Get Smart…And Other Techy Trends

The technology sector continues to disrupt healthcare as we know it. From “smart toilets” that have the ability to analyze your urine and stool for nutrient deficiencies, to refrigerators designed to entice you to choose healthy carrots over calorie-laden cheesecake, 2020 will be another year of health-focused technology. While high-tech toilets might look ordinary, they’re able to detect abnormalities in urine flow, signaling to the user whether or not they should seek medical attention for bladder or prostate problems. The toilet could also help detect the early signs of diabetes and other chronic conditions. Other tech trends include refrigerators designed to enhance the freshness of foods, so they maintain a higher nutritional value for a longer amount of time. Less food waste, more healthy impact!

More Mushrooms Please

Move over kale, this year’s superfood darling is the mushroom! The popularity of consuming mushrooms continues to trend up as chefs, farmers, and naturopaths turn to them for both culinary enjoyment and medicinal healing. Little wonder since they’re jam-packed with nutritional value and low in calories! Mushrooms, especially shiitake, are also known to boost immune health and protect cells from free-radical damage. In fact, some types of mushrooms are thought to have the ability to protect against breast and other hormone-related cancers. One study of 2,000 women showed that those who consumed at least one third of an ounce of fresh mushrooms daily had a 64 percent lower chance of developing breast cancer. Certain mushrooms are also adaptogens, which means they have the ability to help your body respond positively to various stressors in your current environment. Mushrooms really are magic!

Digital Detox from an Unlikely Source

Your phone now houses a number of apps and tools to help you monitor your screen time and social media use. Why? Experts believe too much technology may have a negative impact on your health (press ‘like’ if you saw this one coming). But Apple and Samsung aren’t the only companies jumping on the digital detox bandwagon. Ford is releasing a vehicle to help drivers combat the stimulation and distraction of constant screen time. Like many of today’s vehicles, the 2020 Ford Explorer will be equipped with a long list of tech features, but unlike much of its competition, the Explorer will also have a Mindful Mode. This setting removes most of the information from the vehicle’s digital screen to eliminate information overload, so the driver can, well, simply drive.

Human Rewilding: It’s a Thing

While every aspect of our lives is becoming more and more technology-driven, the human spirit appears to be longing for simplification. How do we know? Because, while technology should be making life easier, statistics show that stress, anxiety, and depression are at an all-time high. Human rewilding is a little bit about trusting your gut and a lot about recognizing your full potential—without the use of technology. This movement gives people permission to get more in touch with nature, and in so doing, more in touch with their natural state of being. Rewilding encourages people to move, rest, and eat, without relying on apps or fitness devices. Experts are hoping human rewilding teaches people how to rely on instinct again, and experience the self-assuredness and satisfaction that comes along with it.


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