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The Age of the “In Tune” Consumer – Six Hot Trends in 2020


Welcome to the age of the consumer—the time of YOU! Anyone who wants to make life easier, safer, happier, healthier, and stronger is sure to get our attention in 2020.


  • The year 2020 finds us even more interested in seeking healthy-living advice, but now that advice comes digitally. Smartphones live up to their name, enabling everything from self-monitoring your sleep patterns and heart rate to tracking the steps taken in a day and calories consumed. This trend will continue to explode with even more offerings as apps help us know more about how our bodies work. Expert advice for everything will continue to be available at our fingertips. It’s 2020, and we are happy to be conveniently in charge!


  • Science moves even further into genetics, making it more accessible and affordable. Beyond knowing if we resemble Great Uncle Guido, we want to understand how our gene pool connects to our overall health. We seek out information about the experiences of others with similar symptoms and genetic profiles—taking their conclusions into account when making our own health decisions.


  • Robots are moving beyond science fiction and into our lives in tangible ways. For example, when robots take over rote tasks like sterilizing surgical tools, there’s less chance for infection. Automating tasks should reduce the incidence of human error in many areas giving us something we all long for—more time. Is there a robot in your future?


  • The trend toward little to no sugar in beverages will continue, with companies reaching out to kids. Bubbles, nutrition, and fun will increasingly come in boxes, bottles, and squeeze containers—all without artificial ingredients. As adults, we also want continual innovations in beverages without the downsides of sugar and artificial add-ins. We like water, but we don’t want to be bored. Can you entice us with something brand new? We’re listening!


  • The U.S. Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts label standards take effect this year, depending on the size of the manufacturer. The new guidelines will affect the nutritional label as well as the expiration terms used in the past. Look for “Best if Used By” and “Use By” to become the standard. “Best if Used By” will indicate a product may not taste or perform as expected past the date, but can still be used. “Use By” is for perishable products and should be discarded after the date listed. All these changes are a reflection of consumer demand for clear communication.


  • More and more people are taking the time to understand how the body works. We’re not intimidated with new words to our vocabularies such as mitochondria, microbiome, and the endocannabinoid system. This new era ushers in a thirst for knowledge, including how these critical systems of the body work together and contribute to greater health and wellness. And, we also want to know how we can use supplements to support these systems and prevent disease.

It’s the age of consumer empowerment. Take advantage of all the options to be in tune and in charge of your health


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