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Telemedicine for the Win

Thanks to the coronavirus, hanging out in a germ-infested waiting room has never been less popular. Enter telemedicine, which provides you and your loved ones with access to certified healthcare professionals via your smartphone or other electronic devices—without having to mask up, venture out into the world, or risk infecting others. You can schedule virtual appointments with family doctors, therapists, dermatologists, and other specialists, and the online visits are covered by most major health insurance plans. (They’re usually less expensive than an office visit, too!) Healthcare practitioners can diagnose many conditions via telemedicine, and even prescribe medications to get you on the path to feeling better, faster. Bonus points for not having to get out of your pajamas!

Home Workouts Trend Up

When gyms around the world were forced to temporarily close earlier this year, fitness-enthusiasts everywhere learned how easy it can be to stretch, strengthen, and tone right in the comfort of their own homes. The popularity of at-home workouts—including cycling, barre, yoga, and more—took off in a huge way. Online workouts and fitness apps allow people the luxury of exercising at their convenience, rather than having to work around a set schedule at the gym. Plus, the virtual classes are often more budget-friendly than a monthly gym membership. And users love the time-saving benefit of not having to commute. It’s no secret that maintaining an active lifestyle helps stave off a variety of diseases and also boosts your mood—and now it’s more convenient than ever!

Age 60+? Marketing Eyes Are on You!

Americans age 60 and above are believed to be aging significantly differently than the generations before them. They’re living longer, are more focused on their health, and have substantially more wealth than their predecessors—and marketing professionals are taking note. In the past, only 10 percent of marketing budgets targeted retirees. But now multiple industries—especially those in the health and fitness realm—are focusing on the senior demographic like never before. Legacy brands recognize this is a vibrant and active group that deserves the same focus as younger generations. Watch for more and more companies to tailor products—including food, beverages, skincare, and cosmetics—to this smart and savvy audience. The boomer generation is increasingly looking for new healthy products and habits to adopt, but they want them to be authentic to their age and lifestyle. Bravo to the companies finally stepping up to the plate.

Ambient Wellness with an Immune Twist

This topic has been in the “trends to watch” category for some time, but the novel circumstances of 2020 have triggered a resurgence. Ambient wellness is anything that makes a space have a more positive effect on health, happiness, or prosperity. Think of the serene experience you feel stepping into an elegant spa setting. The environment alone—including sounds, smells, and lighting—evokes feelings of calm and relaxation. With people looking to stay as healthy as possible, ambient wellness is taking on a new immune-boosting feel. Businesses dole out hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes like a good host offers their guests refreshments. Grocery stores have been outfitted with Plexiglass shields to separate worker germs from shopper germs. And promotional signage boasts the idea of keeping your distance and remembering to practice good hygiene.


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