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You Put What Where?

A group called the Botanical Adulterants Prevention Program has proposed a Best Practices Standard Operating Procedure for the Disposal/Destruction of Irreparably Defective Articles. Confused? In a nutshell, all this tongue-twisting verbiage means is that these folks are trying to enhance the quality of dietary supplement ingredients. It’s a step toward calling out imposters and leveling the playing field for legitimate, responsible, and ethical ingredient suppliers who have been on the losing end against competitors selling inferior ingredients at ridiculously low prices. That’s adulteration, pure and simple, and the good guys aren’t having it anymore. Best of all, the consumer ends up being the winner! You still get what you pay for and nothing is more expensive than a product that doesn’t work. Mic drop.

Everything Old Is New Again…

An interest in natural medicines continues to skyrocket as people do their own research on herbal products. The day of “because my doctor said so” are in the rearview mirror as more consumers decide to take their well-being into their own hands. Something else helping to push the life-hacking movement forward? Just listening to the long list of side effects featured on pharmaceutical ads. An industry commitment to ongoing research that validates herbal and botanical safety and effectiveness simply adds to consumer enthusiasm.

And Now It Fizzes!

Supplements? Yes, please. But watch what’s coming! Soon teas, snacks, beverages of all sorts and more will be bursting with your favorite herbal ingredients. But before you reach for that “new and improved” product, check how much of the ingredient you are actually getting. Jumping on bandwagons can often be very misleading.

I Might Be Healthier Than You…

Ask two different people what “healthy” is and you’ll get two different answers. Ask 200, and well, you get the picture. A recent study by Cleveland Clinic and Parade magazine found that most consumers are confused as to what’s healthy and are looking for guidance about their own health choices. The percentage of people who want help figuring out the best methods for improving their health—66 percent. And 72 percent (wrongly) think exercise is more important than diet. In addition, 67 percent of Americans believe you can balance being healthy even when dealing with a chronic illness. Overall, the desire for better health is a step in the right direction, even if the GPS needs a little modification.


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