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Does daily life have you stressed out and exhausted? From work to family obligations to everyday worries, it can be hard to keep up without a lift. Unlike caffeine and other quick-hit energy spikes, herbal boosters supply calm, focused energy that lasts all day and won’t keep you up at night. Keep reading to learn how red ginseng, ashwagandha, and rhodiola will help you manage this daily stress with plenty of energy.

Korean Red Ginseng

Common stressors and a packed to-do list can leave you exhausted and reaching for solutions that make you feel jittery instead of relaxed. That can lead to more stress and sleepless nights, robbing you of even more energy. Korean red ginseng works as an adaptogen to balance your stress response as it supplies calm energy and improves your mental, physical, and emotional resilience.

Rich in rare unique compounds called noble ginsenosides, Korean red ginseng helps your body and mind respond to situations in the most beneficial ways. If you’re feeling fatigued, it gives you the energy to keep going all day. If you’re mind is moving in a hundred different directions, Korean red ginseng keeps you focused. If you’re drowning in stress, it calms down your nervous system so you can relax.

According to a recent clinical study, taking Korean red ginseng for four weeks can greatly improve fatigue symptoms without causing side effects. Researchers recruited 180 subjects with deficiency syndrome—a condition with symptoms of weakness, fatigue, and low energy—to test Korean red ginseng for safety and effectiveness. At both high and low doses, Korean red ginseng successfully relieved those debilitating symptoms and restored energy. Another small pilot trial found that a special preparation of Korean red ginseng (HRG80) improved attention and memory while lowering stress levels in healthy but stressed-out adults.

To experience these energy-boosting results, check supplement labels for Korean red ginseng root powder containing noble ginsenosides.


Stress can leave you exhausted and yet still unable to sleep well. That’s where an adaptogen called ashwagandha can help. This time-tested Ayurvedic herb can recharge your mental and physical energy, regulate cortisol levels, and help you get a good night’s sleep.

Ashwagandha is rich in rejuvenating compounds known as withanolides. These potent natural compounds increase your resistance to stressors and other factors that can leave you feeling depleted. Several clinical trials have confirmed this plant’s amazing restorative properties, including its ability to reduce cortisol, boost mood, improve sleep quality, and relieve fatigue.

In a 60-day double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, participants who received ashwagandha saw dramatic differences: A 69 percent decrease in stress and insomnia, a 68 percent improvement in social dysfunction, a 79 percent reduction in severe depression, 76 percent less anxiety, and a 28 percent drop in cortisol levels. Another study, this one a 12-week clinical trial involving older adults, showed that ashwagandha significantly improved sleep quality, mental alertness, and general well-being. What’s more, a 16-week clinical trial that tested ashwagandha in overweight older men struggling with fatigue found that the herb improved energy levels, vigor, and psychological and sexual well-being. Another six-week clinical trial found that supplementing with ashwagandha brought on a 72 percent improvement in sleep quality without causing any negative side effects.

To get the most from this time-tested adaptogen, look for a concentrated formula like EP35 that is standardized to contain more than 35 percent withanolides. For best results, experts suggest taking ashwagandha one to three times daily.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your daily to-do list, an adaptogen called rhodiola can come to your rescue. This hardy herb increases important “feel-good” brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. They help you plan and carry out tasks more effectively and calmly all while quickly adapting to changes in your regular routine. Looking to avoid fatigue brought on by stress while feeling both relaxed and energized at the same time? Rhodiola is your answer.

Rhodiola contains four powerful special compounds—rosavin, rosin, rosarian, and salidrosides—that give the plant its energizing, stress-reducing, and brain-enhancing properties. Dozens of scientific studies, including human clinical trials, confirm rhodiola’s ability to alleviate many common symptoms of stress.

One clinical study found that rhodiola increases brain plasticity—your brain’s ability to adapt, change, and rewire itself based on your experiences. A different clinical trial found that rhodiola helped improve quality of life and improved symptoms in people struggling with major depression. Another four-week clinical study confirmed rhodiola’s ability to relieve symptoms of burnout, increase concentration and mental performance, decrease cortisol, and significantly reduce fatigue in patients suffering from stress-related fatigue.

For optimal effectiveness, look for clinically studied Rhodiola rosea root extracts standardized to contain rosavins and salidrosides. You can safely take rhodiola root extract one to three times daily.

These three adaptogens offer a calm energy boost when you’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. And because their activity is synergistic, they are often combined to deliver maximum fatigue and stress relief so you can confidently face the most challenging circumstances. Adaptogens work most effectively when taken regularly on a daily basis, so consider adding them into your routine before those everyday energy robbers have a chance to knock you down.


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