Red Ginseng Improves Workout Performance

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The Study Abstract

Hovhannisyan AS, Mosinyan DN, Hayrumyan SA, Panossian AG. Study of Red Ginseng Preparation HRG80 for Relieving Muscle Pain/Soreness and Supporting the Neuromuscular Performance of Elite Weightlifters in Intense Resistance Exercise: An Open-Label, Randomized, Crossover Trial. Phys Med Rehabil Int. 2022;9(3):1207.

This study aimed to assess the efficacy of new Panax ginseng C.A.Mey preparation of increased bioavailability in fatigue assessed as relief of muscle soreness and improving the neuromuscular performance of healthy subjects following a bout of intense resistance exercise. The effects of the hydroponically cultivated red ginseng root powder HRG80 (RG) γ-Cyclodextrin-based chewable tablets and cyclodextrin-free RG capsules were compared in an open label, randomized, crossover trial on 20 elite weight lifters. The RG treatments for 10 days have a statistically significant effect on the relief of the muscle’s soreness compared to the control. No statistically significant difference was observed in the effects of two capsules vs. one tablet suggesting that γ-Cyclodextrin based chewable tablets of red ginseng preparation HRG80 are almost 4-fold active of cyclodextrin-free HRG80 capsules.

Furthermore, the effect of tablets vs. control was significant on the 5th day of the treatment, while the effect of capsules vs. control was observed three days later—on the 8th day. However, in push-ups on the uneven bars (PUB) test of neuromuscular performance, the capsule intake results in increased physical performance compared to tablets or control with maximal effect on the 7th day of treatment. The results of this study provide evidence for the efficacy of γ-Cyclodextrin-based chewable tablets containing 100 mg of HRG80 red ginseng for relief of muscle soreness and supporting the neuromuscular performance of healthy subjects in intense resistance exercise.


Low muscle tolerance can make physical jobs or workouts tough, even for the fittest individuals. This clinical trial showed that a specific red ginseng (HRG80), in either capsule (400 mg) or chewable (100 mg) form, dramatically improved performance in just one week.

The participants in this study were elite weight lifters from the Armenian National team, including medal-winning Olympic athletes, so they were used to intensive exercise and the need for both physical and mental endurance.

After just seven days, the professional athletes taking red ginseng more than doubled their improvement in physical performance compared to their baseline numbers at the beginning of the study. While both supplemental forms showed benefits, participants noted the fastest results when taking the chewable. This is likely due to its formulation with gamma cyclodextrin, an oligosaccharide known for enhancing nutrient absorption.

Previous clinical work on the red ginseng used in the study (HRG80) has also been shown to improve mental and physical energy, stamina, and resilience under stress, so the botanical has a record of noted positive effects. What sets HRG80 apart is that it’s a hydroponically grown botanical. The roots of each plant get exactly the nutrients they need, along with calibrated stressors that boost the concentration of special compounds called noble ginsenosides by seven times compared to conventionally grown ginseng.

So, whether or not you are a professional athlete, if you are looking to boost your physical and mental performance, red ginseng may be an excellent workout partner.

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