The #1 Way to Reclaim Your Energy

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Fatigue and a general lack of energy are top complaints in doctors’ offices across the nation. But because fatigue isn’t a cut-and-dry disease they can test for, most healthcare providers are at a loss for practical ways to tackle the problem. The truth is, low energy levels are most often due to our overbooked, on-the-go, modern way of life—and the poor lifestyle habits we’ve adopted to help us get through our busy days just makes matters worse. No matter how we got here, we’re tired. If low energy is one of your top complaints, we’ve got good news for you. A daily dose of Korean red ginseng just might solve your personal energy crisis in a big way.

Ginseng: The Modern-Day Energy Solution

You’ve likely heard of ginseng, a unique root from the Panax ginseng plant that was discovered nearly 5,000 years ago. Ginseng is an adaptogen that is held in high regard for its ability to treat a number of health issues, including high blood sugar levels, stress, sexual dysfunction, and of course, fatigue.

But, while ginseng has been cultivated for centuries due to its medicinal benefits, modern agricultural practices—including heavy pesticide and fungicide spraying, as well as irresponsible processing—have undercut the herb’s efficacy and safety. As a result, it’s been increasingly difficult to find ethically grown and responsibly processed ginseng with enhanced absorption and bioavailability. New growing and processing innovations, however, have recently challenged the traditional ginseng market with a proprietary type of red ginseng known as HRG80. This revolutionary form of ginseng provides all the benefits that originally put ginseng on the map, but it is grown in a highly controlled way that ensures its purity and potency.

A Pesticide-Free Alternative

Ginseng is notoriously difficult to grow traditionally without the heavy use of pesticides and fungicides. HRG80 red ginseng has solved this issue by turning to hydroponic farming in ultra-clean conditions. This eliminates the need for toxins or pesticides. The use of high-tech vertical farming also reduces the crop’s environmental footprint. Because the ginseng roots are carefully cultivated and grown in optimal conditions, the plant thrives.

Once harvested, the hydroponically grown ginseng undergoes a processing protocol that respects the plant and naturally fosters a high content of rare noble ginsenosides—ginseng’s most valuable compound.

Ginseng’s Secret Ingredient

What are noble ginsenosides? Conventional ginseng contains what are known as “classic” or “common” ginsenosides. These common ginsenosides are converted into more bioactive and bioavailable noble ginsenosides in the gut. HRG80 red ginseng takes that conversion out of the equation, delivering noble ginsenosides directly to the body for optimal use.

Because of its unique growing environment, HRG80 contains considerably more noble ginsenosides in the roots—seven times more than a leading, conventionally grown ginseng. One study found that the noble ginsenosides in HRG80 were also 17 times more absorbable than a leading European ginseng supplement.

Increased Energy

Red ginseng provides a calm, steady energy that doesn’t overstimulate or cause an eventual energy crash. When you’re feeling scatterbrained or having difficulty focusing, red ginseng supports mindfulness and concentration. And because it’s an adaptogen and not a stimulant (like caffeine), there’s no risk of it disrupting your sleep. In fact, red ginseng has the ability to enhance feelings of rest and relaxation when you’re getting ready to turn in for the night.

The key to all these red ginseng benefits, again, is the noble ginsenosides. In a usage study with red ginseng that contained a high number of noble ginsenosides, participants reported increased mental and physical energy, more stamina, improved sleep, and better concentration.

Stress Resistance

When taking red ginseng, you may also notice how resilient you feel in the face of stress. It alters the reaction to stressful situations by calming neurotransmitter activity in the brain. Red ginseng also balances cortisol levels in a way that helps you stay focused and alert.

Research shows that the noble ginsenosides in red ginseng modulate the flight or fight response, which kicks in when you find yourself in situations your brain perceives as stressful. It also boosts circulation in the brain and reduces the negative mental and physical effects of stress.

The next time you’re feeling tired, stressed out, and simply spread too thin, consider red ginseng to help you meet the day’s demands. To get the most from your ginseng supplement, check the label for HRG80 to maximize the herb’s noble ginsenosides and energy-boosting benefits.

What’s an adaptogen? 

This buzzword is being used more than ever throughout the natural health community, but what does it mean exactly? An adaptogen is an herb known for its ability to help your body better handle physical and emotional stress. Adaptogens interact with your hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which is the stress response system within your body. These herbs have the unique ability to calm these areas of your brain, resulting in less stress and fatigue, and increased energy to get you through the day.


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